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Actions are the starting point, an initiative force for the big chain reactions that has both direct and indirect effects on any other lives in that vicinity. What If that action’s existence was not acknowledged?? What If their impacts are unnoticed??. These actions are not gigantic and visible to all persons. But, they are crucialContinue reading “The Subtle Art Of ACKNOWLEDGMENT”

State of Solitude

In this growing age of technology and misinformation, people splits apart to form their own state of solitude. This area has been overrated and portrayed as the area that needs serious fixation, as the persons from the preceded generations kept blabbering and comparing the reality of two different generations which has nothing in common but,Continue reading “State of Solitude”

What’s Next?

Stepping into the further is what made the humans to evolve to the stage that we are experiencing today. But, not all the species are bound to the question of “What’s next?”. Some humans are also not driven by this question instead, these people cares about their present, to put out simply they taste theirContinue reading “What’s Next?”