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Actions are the starting point, an initiative force for the big chain reactions that has both direct and indirect effects on any other lives in that vicinity. What If that action’s existence was not acknowledged?? What If their impacts are unnoticed??. These actions are not gigantic and visible to all persons. But, they are crucial even though they may seem like small actions. For example, If someone put a small smile up on their face while you are passing by with a frustrated morning face, they did to express their friendly behaviour and shine of, this action is not a big thing but, the impact it has in your mood change and it’s traces in your mind deserves an acknowledgment. Need not to be in words but, a simple smile in return would bring happiness and stress free morning to both the people.

is it really matters?

A pain of a person is enormous, if he/she didn’t acknowledged for what they did. When people do stuffs, they would show them to their friends and other people in their closer circle. The need for the people to show their works to their friends in the very first place is the demand of opinions from his/her close circle. The opinion about someone’s works is the product of acknowledgment, If a person acknowledges anyone’s work, he/she would like to express and share his thoughts about that work, obviously. If a person showcases his/her works to their friends and if any important person of that group didn’t acknowledged his/her works. The person who showcased his/her works would feel bad about that. This has some serious after effects which includes emotional breakdown, loneliness and deficieny in social behaviours.

So, we have to share thoughts on everything?

The answer is No. A person cannot have a thoughts on everything. I have also mentioned above that, If a person didn’t got any views or thoughts from their friends, they would feel frustrated and heart broken. Our goal is to acknowledge their actions. As mentioned above, your reaction can be a small gesture to validate your acknowledgment. If you want to show your acknowledgment, you can say, that you had already seen their works. This can bring some smile in their face. Their realisation of an actual person, who recognises his/her works is something that everyone is seeking for. Some may say, people shouldn’t lured by the concept of “Acknowledgment”. But, the thing is, a person shouldn’t expect these things from all people. They did only care for their friend’s thoughts about their actions and it’s a personal choice of that person to expect these acknowledgment from their friends. By this way, regular social interactions and the sharing of knowledge will be attained, which is the key element of our social structure.

image source: search result of "acknowledgment illustrations" 

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