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State of Solitude

In this growing age of technology and misinformation, people splits apart to form their own state of solitude. This area has been overrated and portrayed as the area that needs serious fixation, as the persons from the preceded generations kept blabbering and comparing the reality of two different generations which has nothing in common but, the human inclusion. The choice of being alone is already in existence even before the introduction of Internet. But, why the people keeps talking about a phenomena excessively which already exists long before?. The answer would be the person’s inability to understand the reality. If we take two persons as an example irrespective of their gender, let’s say person A and person B. Person A is not a people’s person while, Person B is. If person B has the choice to decide about spending times with their friends, chilling out, posting their cool pictures in their social media handle, why not provide person A with the same amount of freedom in their decisions and allow them to enjoy their life with their rules.

why spent your time so lonely??

This question pops-up every time among the people’s person or outgoing person referring to a lonely person. It’s not that people who spent time alone are not having enough fun. It’s about the contradictions of views that distinguishes these two sets of people. The contradiction of one over the other is indeed, a sub-product of evolution. We as a social animals are proud of which group we are in and we naturally opposes the other to validate our views and our ideology. Answering that above question, spending time alone is their choice and should be respected. The cause of this decision leads to different sources which differs from person to person. But, the main cause would be their experience in contemporary society. Especially, the bad experiences.

They are not really alone.

People who are alone are the perfect material for the bullies since, they are alone and no one fights for them. Every ideology and the custom ever existed had been through the concept of evolution and concludes that “the state of solitude” has no exceptions. Now a days, solitude people are alone in their real world life but, not in their virtual world. They have their own community, where they contact with the people having same area of interest. They discuss about the topics and share their view on matters. They just not interested in real world cringe etiquette and social structure which has only place for the people who are outgoing and possesses static smile. Their distinct and contrary opinion makes them voice suppressed among the opposite masses. Thus, forming the state of solitude is very essential one and it’s already had been in existence in various social media platforms and even in some real world regions, to ensure their flow of knowledge and also to share their views. To make use of one’s existence, one should explore, learn and teach them to the others. This process doesn’t mentions the undeniable requirement of being a people’s person. Which makes “the state of solitude”, a reality and a community to lead further.

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