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In a way, we all are programmed

The perception of people about the human race is changed, after the introduction of “The Concept of EVOLUTION”. After it’s introduction, the concept of creationism was proved to be wrong. The negation to creationism means, “we are not bound to superior-being which creates and maintains the whole”. The latest hypothesis we all have been buzzed is about the possibility of the existing human race of the planet Earth are actually living in a simulation of a superior race, resembling the concept of creationism . (i.e) we all are in a matrix and were programmed by our superior race so, that we tend to believe that we all are living in an actual world but, in reality we are just a sub-conscious of our creator in his/her matrix. I don’t think this hypothesis is TRUE and this blog is not about validating my statements against this hypothesis but, it’s about our contemporary world and it’s people. Even though I claim that the above mentioned “matrix/simulation” hypothesis is NOT TRUE. I’m here to propose my perspective about an element from the above mentioned hypothesis and that is about being programmed/programmable. We are living in a reality and it’s not bound by any mythological gods for sure. but, still In a way, we all are programmed.

image source : UPGRADE (2018) movie directed by Leigh Whannell [POSTER]

In Computer Science, programming is to give a set of instructions to the machines to compute the task. My hypothesis is not about implanting a chip in human body and to give a set of instructions to control the body functions. But, to explain about how the human brain is manipulated and is given instructions to be followed from other human beings irrespective of relativity. Brains possess the ability to think for the reason and the for the need to accomplishing activities but, these shield like abilities are possessed only by the experience of growth. Thus, our brains are programmed when our abilities are not in existence or in early stages. For example, “The concept of GOD”. Parents tend to say stories about the mythological characters and the existence of god to their children’s. If we asked someone , “What do you know about God?”. People have different perspectives and majority of them will point out their sacred books and stories respective of their religion. But, they didn’t feel the existence of god and they neither discovered nor seen it by themselves. The concept of god is programmed to their brains when they were young. During childhood, we are bound to our parents and their instructions. we believe that there is a god because, it is being told to us by our parents or elder members from our childhood.But, we never experienced such things. Our brain gets used to this concept and never questioned that thought.

As I mentioned, programming is about giving a set of instructions but, without the reason and without the need for the execution. We are provided with instructions in a form of stories or poems or songs about the existence of god. similar to the machines, we are also not provided with reasons. The concept grows as the child grows and becomes a part of his/her perspective of world and it’s transferred to the next generations and so on. A concept without much of a reasoning and proofing is transferred to further people is the best way to conclude the finding that, we all are programmed, in a certain way. If a person is introduced to the concept of god and religion in a middle age but, not in his\her childhood. The percentage of people who pursues will be deceased. Since, the stories are taught to us in our childhood. It’s became habitual and placed in a doubt-free zone.

PS : This blog contains solely my perspective about how we all are programmed in a way. If this piece of content disturbs your thoughts or your believes, it’s solely your problem. Here I explained my perspective with the concept of god to connect more people since, it’s familiar. It can also be explained by referring to the cultural customs and many other topics which are taught to us in our childhood but, without the reasons and proofs. Feel free to explore things and support other people who are providing great content.

We all are Programmed, In a certain way.


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