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Missing Out- A personal thought [first phase]

PREFACE (Before Reading): Missing out, This blog contains the author’s view and his experience on missing out from the tech world’s popular platforms like Facebook and its product of acquisitions, Google’s monopoly, Apple’s dictated environment and so on. It’s just a personal thoughts about the author’s experience. so, If you think, it’s not time-worthy or you feel like it’s ruining your productive cycle, you can just skip this blog. But, if you are interested in knowing my thoughts and experiences on missing out from the various things then, continue missing out from your controlled illusion.

In a tech world, companies trying to come up with the new product obviously, a new software and branding them as “the new solution to connect more people”. but, the reality is the end user is not belonging to one group and they don’t act as one in the sense, each people has different interpretations on a product. A techie will interpret an application from one point which is different from other people’s point of view. But, not all people are interested in learning about the tech even though they all live in a tech world. This scenario gets even worse, when the concept of popularity comes into play. This results in situations like “popularity of people makes some thing as popular and reliable. due, to the mass usage”. which results in missing out of some people, who are aware of the demerits and the potential aspect of misleading present in that platform. The missing out of some people from the so-called “popular app” means cutting off the people from the ecosystem of masses, who has the knowledge about the working model of these platforms. This reduces their(missed out) knowledge of their contemporary society and they won’t share the same level of interest in a matter like another person, who uses these platforms. From the given context about the situation, one may think that the people who missed out are the one who lacks the concept of “adapting to the situation” and “connecting with the masses” (i.e) socialising. The actual problem is not with the people who are missed out. but, with the people who are joined the so-called popular-app because, of their fear of missing out. Let’s deep dive into my experience of missing out from most of the “popular things”.

Introduction (Entering into Tech world)

My childhood life has no big tech involvements. Some of few tech involvements in my earlier life would be television, DVD-player and my dad’s NOKIA feature mobile (which was a leading mobile manufacturer and seller then in INDIA). Some people may think, what kind of childhood he had ?, without using “the video game consoles ?”. The answer is, I played video games and I used consoles but, I never owned them. I spent my childhood without the essence of Internet and even after finding out “the world of internet” in the year 2013, I couldn’t figure out that world. It’s so fast, connective and something that resembles an ILLUSION. I couldn’t figure out much about the whole idea and it’s working model because, I didn’t own any PC and we have no Internet connection in my home so, even though I know about Internet, I’m always disconnected. I discovered Internet in a place called “Internet cafe”, where we have to pay money to browse through the internet by using their computers and it also has time restriction. I lived in a society, where Internet was not accessible to a lot of people and then, it’s changed. People got the access to the mobile devices due to higher number of manufacturing plants to possess the use of vast labour force availability, which leads to zero import duty and lesser price and in the internet side, a telecom and communication company called JIO (an evil capitalist firm manipulating people that they are providing services in a lesser price and then, forces to pay the higher bills as they attained more subscriber base so, that they can dictate their Internet plan to their profits and to demolish their competitors by owning larger percent of the market.) emerged with the high speed internet “4G” provided in a much lower price encouraged lots of people to enter into the tech world. The availability of mobile devices made people’s mind to accept the fact that “mobile devices and Internet are the future so, they treated them as ESSENTIALS”.

Tech Giant’s Role

Once I got the phone, I started to explore in every aspect I can find. I try to understand how things work and what really happening under the curtains. I started my social media life with the two of the most popular platforms, Facebook and Whatsapp. One for my social life and another one for my personal chats. I enjoyed the earlier days by acknowledging that I can connect with the actual world and its people without meeting them in person. But, It’s all changed when I went further. The two things that stride me hard enough to oppose the existence of big tech corporates in my life. The first thing is about the FACEBOOK – CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA DATA SCANDAL and the other one is about the STORY OF WHATSAPP’S FOUNDERS and how they ended up selling their company which explained me, the evil hands of big corporates and their lust to become the centralised factor of internet world. So, after this incident, I quit Facebook and I’m glad that I never regretted that decision. After coming out of Facebook’s seductive hands, I’m introduced to whole new things mainly Cyber Security and the value of personal details. Suddenly, the whole new set of projects and the developers are visible and they all are fighting to preserve the data privacy and to get rid off these data stealing monsters. from then, I continued to miss out so, that I can attain my private space (PRIVACY). The same social media which gave me an immense happiness, made me to worry about my personal data’s. Thus, my decision leads me into a path of unknown but, has the potential to change the world of Internet.

PS : To make this blog simple (In a sense, only consuming less of your time)and less clutter, I have divided this title into two parts. The first part will cover the Introduction and the tech giant’s role and the second part will cover the author’s change of view and his path after not using any social media platforms. Hope you all enjoy reading.

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