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Little Things

People are restless, they spent so much time on planning “how they can be productive?” and thinking about things to do for being productive. It’s not a bad thing or something but, the time they spent, thinking about being productive leads to frustration when the end results are not achieved. In an information age like this, we got unbounded limit of sources and every ideas has direct impact in our life’s, irrespective of their significance. Over the period of last decade, people tend to use the word “PRODUCTIVE” a lot than usual. The sources for being productive are found in different form of medium like blogs, youtube videos, speeches etc.. .But, we are in a duty to check the true purpose of the existence of this idea “Productivity”.

Nothing makes your life into progress, other than your actions.

Do we really have to be productive?

The answer is NO. We as a social beings depended on validation of other persons and also try to maintain the etiquette structure. of course, people are blinded by the idea of being productive all day and giving up some enjoyable time for the sake of being productive. As a human being we are not a cyborgs or any other highly evolved machine race, we have some up’s and down’s.

Do little things.

“Being productive is not necessary”, is that a statement encourages people to do nothing??. The answer is No. Instead of thinking about the day to be productive and working so much to get that result by sacrificing your enjoyable doesn’t makes you a happy person. Happiness is the thing you get when you got the time to do your desirable things. Removing that happiness from your life cycle has a greater effects in your life which leads to frustration and unbalanced lifestyle. If you ended up doing nothing in a day, it’s not a big deal. because, your body needs to get some rest. If you felt guilty that you are not productive enough like others in the social media, who share their experience of being productive and their made-up zero failure life video, do some little things to sum up your productivity rate. If you are planning to write something, write one or two lines a day, to feel productive. It’s something you did in your day and it doesn’t makes you feel not productive enough.

Something can be valued up, even by the little things.

control is an ILLUSION

Controlling your every day activity and hopes to make things like you desired is a fictional thing and it doesn’t fits in your reality cause, it’s an illusion. One person can never control all of his/her activities. Likewise, you can’t control your time. You have to be in the moment and ask what do you want? and what makes you happy?. Even you did 0.1 percent out of 100percent in a day, you did something that has a progress. Don’t try to be productive all day, try to enjoy your life with some productivity by doing little things to make your progress.

Something is greater than Nothing.

It’s universal (Actually I don’t know the author who quoted this line).


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