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Evolution of Technology always provided a possibility to connect people virtually. The year “2020” is the testing ground for that technology and if I have to comment “the results were astonishing”. The whole world was connected virtually due, to the pandemic and its deadly effects. Virtual connection reflects our need “to connect to the outer world” and I’m sure that others also feel the same way.

But, why we are obsessed with the connection?

We as a social animals, always connected or had been a part of some groups. Even though we are individuals with specific need and unique ways in life, We always tend to be in a part of some groups. And it’s because of Evolution, which encourages us to share our part to the others and discussing about the matter makes our life feel real and I suppose it’s a way of saying , “we are here, too…”

Does Virtual feels Real ?

It does makes a good win in sense of vision but, human contact is not only about seeing things. It’s about smelling, hearing, touching and many more. We mainly relay on sense of vision so, the virtual connection makes sense. But, over a period of time we felt unreal. The reasons are digitally transmitted voices which makes our virtual room more robotic. Even though we can see other people and talk to other people, we remain to lose most of the human contacts we gain in the real world.

Cure for the virus.

When the whole world is stuck in their houses for many months, one may feel frustrated and unnoticed. We always been a creature of exploring and sharing but, the pandemic destroyed our two major skills and left in nowhere. Technology has been our saviour and it saved us all from feeling alone, it connects all the people, every point in the map. It showed us the reality of different people and also the sufferings that have people are going through. It constructed a platform to share our thoughts, love and also the pain. We met people who have experienced the same and we are connected because, of the sameness. We cared for people and shared our love to those needed the most but, we didn’t that people in real world. We are connected not in real world but, the connection between the people doesn’t change much even in the virtual world.

Virtual is the new REAL.



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