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What’s Next?

Stepping into the further is what made the humans to evolve to the stage that we are experiencing today. But, not all the species are bound to the question of “What’s next?”. Some humans are also not driven by this question instead, these people cares about their present, to put out simply they taste their journey not the further. We cannot simply imply that they don’t care about their future, they do care. but, they don’t waste their whole attention to the thing that doesn’t exist in that very moment.

Does thinking about the situation that don’t exist in the present time makes a person to worry ?

The answer is Yes and NO. The effect of thinking about the further steps depends upon the specific individual and also his/her circumstance of their reality. A person with lot of peers and almost spent their time with them won’t be left alone and won’t feel inadequate for the topics to discuss in a bright side of reality so, a person in that circumstances always fed by the topics from the group and if the person thinks about his/her future plans, the person has the access to the different reality of that very possibility. But, on a negative lighting, too much is always have to proceeded with care. Since, it gives a power to the person which in return gives person a blind confidence about the situation.Then, he becomes a person with one goal and different options to attain that goal. Which is too much for a person to process that makes obsessed with his/her future doings.

Then, what about the person with not so much peers and one that spends their times alone ?

People who spends their time by their own (alone) is the most “affected” and also at the same time “benefited” in the whole process. A lonely person spends most of their time thinking about stuffs, no matter whatever the topic is. The affected part is they spend most of their time thinking about the things which is consuming their time and also act as a resistance that resists the person from participating in social life. The benefited part is the lack of many realities makes the person to stick to his/her personal need and the understandings. which makes the person to less worry about the opinions of others and to enjoy the journey of the process of what’s next. The absence of other individuals role makes his/her not to think about the final result and actually enjoy the ride.

what’s next with the thinking ?

To be occupied with the thinking of what’s next? is not the right thing to do if the person is looking to enjoy the life and its unravelling secrets. To have a plan for the future is not the bad thing but, obsessed with that makes the things even worse. A person tend to be struck in a place of guilty when things don’t work out in the way they planned. Obsessed with next and later, always makes a person kept thinking about the next and next and to forget about the present which is more important than the others. The answer to the what’s next would have to be brief and the further details can be updated while on the journey to the next( while doing the next in present). The detailed expectations of the next makes obsessed with the end results and also makes us to feel guilty when they are on the wrong way or failing. Thinking about the next thing to do and planning it may or may not end up as success. we cannot control every activities.

So, feel free to think about the next but, don’t expect it to happen in a way you decided.



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