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A Better World

A world, in which I can feel free and nothing to care about but, myself. A world which was created just for me and runs by the flow of ideas which is appropriate. Not a liberal, Not a revolutionist, I’m not talking about the actual world or rebelling against the dumb leaders who has no idea about what they are doing. My world, which exists only for about 4-5 hours a day when the whole actual world is asleep and it’s comparatively better in all aspects. yes, MY DREAM WORLD it is.

I don’t know if this is true but, I think everyone has their own dream world in which they have become more successful than reality. Many people thinks that trapped in their own dream world is not good but, I have to ask that ” Why Not ? “. Being successful in dream world is not going to affect anyone and at the same time one should never imagine the smooth flowing and simple structure of their dream world in the reality. Comparing dream and reality is not the best thing to do, I would say.

I had developed a soft corner for my dream world. The reason for that peculiar activity according to the socially constructed behaviour is nothing but, It feels less real and to say perfectly it’s not a reality. So, If I dream a situation in which I will become a Sith lord. Ofcourse, It’s never gonna happen in my reality. Speaking of the things I dream about I would say my dreams are more crazier than others and I won’t share that because, It’s crazy.

P.S : I would like to write more blogs and I try to do so. I created a label named Utopia and I write about imaginary things just like this so, MORE TO COME and MORE TO DREAM ABOUT……


Published by mads

An incomplete writer. Interested in reading books and watching movies.

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